Grasslands After Fire

by Laureen on June 12, 2013


Grasslands after fire

I thought the world had ended. A fire had raged through Grasslands National Park, threatening people and livelihoods and species, and destroying some of the old buildings that represented human habitation to me. When I saw what it looked like, I felt as though nothing would ever be the same.

Of course, grass grows back. It’s amazing how quickly. Six weeks later I walked into the river valley that had looked so bleak, and it’s as green as if it had been planted. This must be what people mean when they talk about fire renewing the landscape.

It’s an odd green, though. It’s all the same green. Normally the old grasses would mix with the fresh ones and their colours and shapes would suggest both past and present. Right now there is only the present.

Except for the burnt sticks of trees. The smell of burning that still clings in places. The husks of buildings, wrapped in their protective “off-limits tape”. These are the past. Beautiful green alongside a hard reminder of what was lost.

Change happens by itself. Transition is slower.

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David c Reid June 15, 2013 at 11:02 pm

On May 01st your blog posted three pictures of the fire and the bleakness.
This date shows a silver lining posing as Irish emerald green of a burnt area.
It would be of interest to see the late June changes of those May 01 sites.
Thank you very much for your passion and positive outlook on that south Sask homeland. I take nourishment from your offerings regularly .

Laureen June 16, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Thank you so much! And I’ll see what I can do with the burnt offerings 🙂

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