Fifth Summer Celebration and Shipping Sale Continues

by Laureen on August 7, 2014

1306_0567hwy18_near_val_marie_skJames R Page, “Near Val Marie” (archivally-printed photograph)

This is Grasslands Gallery’s fifth summer season! To celebrate, we have free shipping. (It’s the equivalent of a 10% discount.) Over the next weeks, the Grasslands Gallery blog will highlight some of our wonderful artists, and this is how long the shipping sale will last. That’s right – when the blog moves on, the sale is over. Don’t miss your chance! You can purchase online directly from the Gallery page (also click the images to get there) or by phone at 306-298-7782. Or email for further information.

This week, meet artists who interpret the Grasslands in photography.

Gunter-7-Small-BrandingJudy Gunter, “#7 Small Branding” (photograph)

Judy Gunter has up-close-and-personal experience with her subjects and with the colour, light, and rhythms of ranching. She has always lived and worked in the austere and beautiful country around Val Marie and Grasslands National Park and she understands its ways. Because Judy brings this insight to all her photographs, viewers too can experience the lifestyle that is the southern Prairie’s foundation.

Harwood-Swainsons-ThrushRobert Harwood, “Swainson’s Thrush” (archivally-printed photograph)

Robert Harwood is a photographer and writer. With his wife, Pam Woodland, also a Grasslands Gallery artist, he has been a permanent resident of Val Marie since 2010. He’s been photographing the region since his first visit over a decade ago. Bob speaks to our beautiful wild creatures and they speak back!

1112_0560sunset_eagle_butteJames R Page, “Sunset at Eagle Butte” (archivally-printed photograph)

James R Page specializes in incomparable photographic treatments of the vast prairie scene and the wildlife inhabiting it. His images offer all viewers a chance to place themselves deep in the Grasslands, either in memory or in imagination. A Val Marie resident, James has an extensive list of exhibitions and publications to his credit.

Sliwinski_blanketflowerMaggi Sliwinksi “Blanketflower near 70 Mile Butte” (photograph)

Ecologist and photographer Maggi Sliwinski came to the Grasslands initially to do research for her Masters degree, on cattle grazing and songbirds, and fell in love with the prairies over the three years of living and working here. Maggi hopes that you will care about this place as much as she does, and that her images will allow you to relive your memories.

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Kristy August 11, 2014 at 6:50 pm

Beautiful things!

Laureen August 11, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Thank you! We think so 🙂

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