You, Me, Us

July 23, 2014

Centre Street, Val Marie Question: How many people does it take to make a community? Answer: All of them. It was Slo-Pitch weekend in Val Marie recently. It took a lot of people. Jessie and his small army of Lions Club members to organize, make it happen and clean up. The Val Marie 4-H Club […]

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A Butte of a Morning

July 16, 2014

Butte and Path Did I mention that there were mosquitoes? Great hovering clouds of them. Everywhere. For a couple of weeks, even horses stayed inside. The local grocery store couldn’t keep up with bug spray demand. I talked to a few campers during that period, unsuspecting visitors to the Grasslands. It sounded like they were […]

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Five Artists in Residence Arrive in Val Marie

July 9, 2014

James R Page, “Near Val Marie” (archivally printed photo) Imagine a village of artists in a remote community, inspired and supported by that community and each other. Imagine Val Marie, population about 130, where the per capita artist population stands at about 10%. (And where many of these talented people work in more than one […]

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A Cure for Everything

July 3, 2014

Wild roses in wind Summer was a long time coming. Instead of gentle air and spring warming, we had late frost, torrential rains. Hurricane winds. Cold. You always knew it would end. In this country, there will never be a summer without heat. But sometimes you wonder. When? This week, it turns out. And look. […]

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Haters 1, Caring & Concerned Citizens 12152

June 25, 2014

Artist in studio (Photo: M Magee) I’ve always lived a quiet life. Invisible, even. After all, I’m an artist. Unlike authors, our photos don’t appear on the backs of books. Other than the very famous and very few, who we are remains unknown. And in any public life I have, whether it’s as an artist, […]

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